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Hope Campaign

The Human Trafficking Coalition, in partnership with Shoppe 561, will be launching a new community outreach in the West Palm area with the goal of getting the National Human Trafficking Hotline into the community to be used as a resource for victims of human trafficking to call for help. The outreach will involve delivering chapsticks labeled with the hotline to hotels in the area.

This outreach was originally conducted in Kentucky with much success, and saw an increase of 105% in calls from potential victims, and 71% in total calls in a year. We believe that similar success can be realized in the West Palm area.

In order to make this outreach a reality, we are needing donations of chapsticks. It costs approximately $5-$10 worth of chapsticks per hotel. Anyone wanting to donate can drop their chapsticks off at Shoppe 561 (1905 S. Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, FL 33401). We are hoping to launch the outreach publicly in May. We would like to receive chapsticks by April 12 so they can be labeled at the human trafficking event that night at Shoppe 561.

If you have any questions, or would like someone to come speak to your group about the outreach, please email Laura at

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