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The Armory Art Center and the Human Trafficking Coalition of the Palm Beaches Help Teens through the Art of Phoenix Art Therapy Program 

Our Art Therapy Program began in Summer 2015.

Attention case managers, project coordinators, and victim advocates for at-risk youth in Palm Beach County:

What: The Art of Phoenix is an Armory Art Center outreach program produced in partnership with the Human Trafficking Coalition of the Palm Beaches. Armory instructors along with a certified art therapist conduct therapeutic art classes to aid in the recovery of teens who are victims of human trafficking.

When: Once a week for 8 week sessions. Due to the sensitivity and confidentiality of the survivors the specific dates and times will not be made public.

Where:Armory Art Center, 1700 Parker Avenue, West Palm Beach, FL 33401 (561) 832-1776

Armory Art Center Website:

How to register for class:Case managers, project coordinators, and victim advocates should send a request to HTCPB Board Member Bonnie Jo Daniels for more information.

Therapeutic Impact: Classes use various media to provide restoration and healing to those at-risk or survivors of human trafficking. These classes provide a supportive and creative environment. Classes are at beginner level class and students will advance at their own pace.

Art therapy is the therapeutic use of creating art to help heal trauma, increase self-awareness, cope with symptoms of stress, enhance cognitive abilities, and experience the healing potential of art.

What Art Therapist and Teachers Report:Returning students have indicated they love the classes and love learning about art and about themselves in the process.  They’ve also related that the male teachers have been their first positive male role models and that they admire their female teacher for her confidence in being a successful woman. Students largely have said the art classes and therapy provide them a sense of peace and pride.  

Mark Walnock, Armory ceramics instructor, described an assignment calling for the students to sculpt a shoe.  “We used their actual feet to cut an initial footprint in the clay so that each shape began as distinctly theirs.  From there the shoe could take any form.  The work spoke to where they’ve been, where there are, and most importantly where and who they dream to be.  This final project clearly defined the positive progression each individual made in their technical skill and their outlook for the future.”

How can you support the Art of Phoenix program? To sponsor a teen in full or in part please visit the Armory Art Center’s website at and make your charitable contribution. 

Project Plan
Vision: The Human Trafficking Coalition of the Palm Beaches is providing an art therapy program that continue the healing and restoration process for survivors of domestic sex trafficking.
Program Goals: The goals of art therapy are similar to other forms of therapy. Survivors can increase their self-esteem, facilitate the ability to express and label emotions, decrease maladaptive coping skills, provide a forum for exploring feelings, provide a sense of autonomy, help identify personal growth goals, reduce anxiety, and develop a sense of empowerment through the making of art.
Objective: We will host an eight-week session that will meet once per week for three hours, four times during a calendar year.  During these eight week sessions, the art therapist and teacher will deal with human development, psychological matters, artistic traditions, and the life-affirming pleasures of making art.
Funding: Initially, we will seek donations from private individuals and foundations. However, our long-term goal is to be self-sustaining through grants, private donations, and business donations. 
Budgeting: The cost is $62.50 per child, per session. You can sponsor a child for a full program of 8 sessions for $500 or 15 children to receive the full program of 8 sessions for $7500. The annual series of four 8-week sessions will cost approximately $45,000. These totals includes the cost of facility, administration, materials, art teacher, and art therapist.

Due to security concerns, referrals will be subject to intake and confidentiality rules. Participants are youth ages 12-17 years of age that have a history of being trafficked or who have been identified by service providers as being at risk.
Email any referrals to Bonnie Jo Daniels at

Thank you for your support!
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